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Take an audience on a vicarious trip through the Sahara on the Caravan of White Gold!  Author Michael Benanav brings a slide show about this desert odyssey to libraries, schools, and other organizations around the country.  The photos from this rarely visited section of the Sahara are stunning and exotic; the presentation is inspiring and informative, delivered with insight and humor.  For details about hosting this unique event, please contact the author by email at: mbenanav@gmail.com.  

Here are some reviews by those who have hosted and seen the slide show themselves:

     "Michael Benanav is just as excellent a speaker as he is a writer. In the summer 2006 he came to Makor in New York City to talk about his recently published book, Men of Salt. He had meticulously prepared a slide show that detailed his journey into the salt mines of the Sahara. We had a full house, and the audience was riveted by the stunning pictures and Michael's understated presentation (delivered without notes) of his amazing adventure. The comparisons with Indiana Jones are inevitable, and while Michael is far too modest and humble to draw them out, his nose for discovery and a good yarn are as sharp as the creators of that series. Don't miss him!" - Elliott Rabin, Director of Education, Makor/92nd Street Y

     "Prepare yourself for an adventurous journey that not only tugs at your heartstrings but also uplifts your soul.  Michael Benanav's presentation, based on his incredible book, will transport your audience onto the back of a camel and across the harsh Sahara. By combining stunning photos, stories, and readings from the book, Michael will take your readers to a place many would not dare visit. I was so mesmerized, I felt like I had sand in my shoes!" - Kevin King, Lead Librarian, Oshtemo Branch, Kalamazoo Public Library


     "Our auditorium was packed with would-be adventurers who came out to see what kind of crazy person would endure the hardships chronicled in Men of Salt. Michael's slide show brought us closer to the great characters, both man and camel, that make this eternal pilgrimage across the desert. His ability to feel kinship with nomads and portray them as rich and varied individuals won him a rapt audience. We had to cut off the questions so that Michael could go home! Men of Salt is a perfect fit for libraries and book groups. It's rare to find a literary work so full of adventure and presented with both humor and respect for a culture worlds away from our own. Michael's talk brought in everyone from teens to senior citizens and the comments were all positive. We would highly recommend him to libraries everywhere." - Kelli Perkins, Head of Reference Services, Herrick District Library, Holland, Michigan


     "Of the 300 books I read last year, MEN OF SALT was in the top 10!  The slide show is fabulous. Though booked as an adult program, it's perfect for teens as well. The audience was enthralled.  I highly recommend this program!" - Ed Spicer, ALA/BBYA committee member


     "The MEN OF SALT slide show was the highlight of our 2006 programming schedule!  The subject attracted a large crowd.  Mr. Benanav's photographs were impressive and the excerpts from his book were fascinating. I highly recommend this phenomenal, professional presentation, appropriate for a variety of audiences." - Beth Goldman, Director, Taos Jewish Center


     "Michael gave his slide show to my high school students, and they were captivated. Several said it was the best assembly of their high school careers!" - Karyn Silverman, librarian, The Little Red School House, New York City; Chairperson BBYA committee


     "The MEN OF SALT slide show offered a perfect balance of factual information and compelling personal narrative.  It set the attendence record for our shop, and was so enthusiastically received that we sold every copy of the book we'd ordered for the event." -  Greg Ohlsen, owner, The Travel Bug, Santa Fe, NM.












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